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Jersey Shore Star Vinny Guadagnino’s writes New Self-Help Book About his Struggles with Clinical Anxiety and Panic Attacks

On the Jersey Shore episode airing on January 12, 2012, viewers had a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into Vinny Guadagnino’s lifelong and closely guarded struggle with clinical anxiety and panic attacks. The Jersey Shore show is notorious for focusing on non serious issues like “hooking up”, partying, drinking, fighting and going to the…

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Midair Meltdown - Clayton Osbon

Was JetBlue Las Vegas Pilot’s meltdown really a Panic Attack?

This past Tuesday (March 27, 2012) a JetBlue flight 191 headed to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas after the pilot starting behaving unruly and erratic. According to his co-pilot, JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon, a 49 year old professional pilot since 1989, began flipping switches in the cockpit in…

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panic attack quote

Inspiring Panic Attack Quote

This is going around Facebook this week – wanted to share with all of you.   Please share your thoughts and comment below.

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Welcome to my blog

I started this blog a couple years back. My goal is to share my journey in dealing with panic attacks and help others who are struggling with anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Thanks for visiting the site and please contribute to the discussions.

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